About us

scMetrology SARL was founded by Bernd Seeber, PhD, the former head of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the Department of Applied Physics at the University of Geneva. He is also the editor of the Handbook of Applied Superconductivity (IOP Publishing 1998 - ISBN 0 7503 0377 8). 

The High Magnetic Field Laboratory of the University of Geneva is known for its expertise in the metrology of superconducting wires and tapes. Measurements for the characterization of superconductors were carried out for many wire manufacturers in the US, Japan and Europe, as well as for institutions like CERN and ITER. Bernd directed this work for almost 25 years. During that time a few unique experiments were developed and commissioned.

• Modified WALTERS spring probe for the measurement of critical currents under transverse compressive stress up to 21 Tesla and up to 1000 A (in collaboration with CERN).

• WALTERS spring probe allowing critical current measurements under axial strain (compressive and tensile) up to 21 Tesla and up to 1000 A.

• Probe for in-situ measurements of lattice parameters vs. applied strain/stress of superconducting wires and tapes by high resolution x-ray diffraction (synchrotron radiation) at 4.2 K.